Not enjoying her work as a designer in clothing facto, Wendren Setzer decided to find something more creative and challenging. The initial product grew out of Setzer's need for a handbag in 2008, which she made herself and since then she's been experimenting with upcycling different materials to make sustainable products that benefit the environment and her team of creators. 
Put simply, she sums up her work as "making bags out of unusual fabrics". But Wren is not just about fashion, the dream is to start a company that can support others and their dreams. 
Dreams and goals are an important part of the Wren ethos and by contributing their skills, each person involved in the company has been able to: earn a higher wage, to own their own machines and to produce a product they can be proud of.   
Wren's mode of production is 'upcycling', which Setzer terms as taking the product and changing the purpose. Coffee bags, patterned paper, and other materials from around the world are repurposed to create durable and beautiful bags and accessories that benefit textile workers in South Africa and the planet. In this process, each bag has an origin and a story that travels with it. 


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