Sancho's Dress

Sancho’s dress began on travels through Ethiopia, there we were inspired by the unseen and unknown beauty of African culture. We began by sourcing garments from markets but eventually came to realize that if we could employ manufacturers ourselves we could help them build sustainable livelihoods.

Vidmantas and Kalkidan founded Sancho's Dress in 2014 with the commitment to create environmentally and socially sustainable jobs.

We work with Ayalnesh in Ethiopia who leads objectives and oversees the full team as well as legal, accounting and shipping priorities. Ayalnesh is exemplary of a strong wise woman who navigates the complicated field of red tape and underdevelopment.

Our office in Addis Ababa doubles as a sewing station where we produced our Shawls and Ponchos last season and this season will produce our 7 piece collection. Azegedech is our head seamstress in Addis.

We source from Ethiopian cotton growers and spinners, and this takes a lot of leg work around the capital of Addis and neighbouring town. Azmach, our distributions head, sources materials for us and builds relationships with suppliers so we can guarantee supply over the season. 

Our Process

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing, favoured in far reaching ancient civilisations from India to Peru. Natural indigo is a sustainable dye to cultivate and use. After the pigment has been extracted, the plant residue can be composted and used as fertiliser, and the water reused to irrigate crops. The impurities in natural indigo result in a finish that is full of character in its natural colour variations. 

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