Madia & Matilda

The Madia & Matilda studio works to reduce waste and preserve heritage and craft with their unique and innovative designs. All the garments are made in house in Britain, with the beautiful Cotswolds in the south-west of England as a backdrop.

 Founder Shalize Nicholas has a passion for print and vintage fabric and a mindful attitude towards clothing processes. Adopting a sustainable approach, Madia & Matilda breath new life into old garments and find sustainable fabrics for new garments. 

 No fabric is left behind and waste minimisation is a core tenet of the company's design and production process: left-overs are used for trims or included as part of next season's designs.  
Garments bought from Madia & Matilda do not want to be thrown away after a few wears. An estimated £140 million worth of used clothing ends up in landfills in the UK annually. This number can be reduced by upcycling garments and by cherishing the garments bought. 
Madia & Matilda's advice for the mindful consumer? Buy less and select well.  


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