Hiro + Wolf



Artisans + Adventurers creating beautiful, ethical jewellery & pet accessories. 





It all began in London when Amy Fleuriot (accessories designer) and Bee Friedmann (craft development expert) met in 2011.

They quickly discovered a common love for design, animals, and sustainability, and almost as quickly converted their shared passions into an accessories brand named after their two dogs, Hiro and Wolf.

The brand officially launched in the Summer of 2013 with a collection of vibrant, ethically made products for people and their pets.

Working between East London and East Africa; Hiro + Wolf gives traditional craft modern appeal by combining a minimalist aesthetic with a love of colour and print. 


Amy + Bee regularly travel to Kenya to oversee the jewellery production and make checks on working conditions. 

The London-based brand produces all its jewellery in collaboration with small-scale artisans and craft groups that would otherwise not have access to international markets. One such group offers people with physical disabilities the opportunity for better livelihoods through training and employment.


Working with natural, locally-sourced materials such as bone, wood and horn – as well as brass and aluminium – Amy + Bee are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their production methods.

Fabrics for the vibrant collection of pet accessories are hand selected from around the world, many ethically sourced during trips to Kenya.  Amy + Bee are proud to manufacture all of their pet accessories in the UK.  Designed and sampled in their East London studio under the watchful eyes of the in-house hounds, all leads and collars are then skilfully trimmed with bright neon and luxury vegetable tan leathers and fitted with hardware by hand in an all female enterprise in Staffordshire.

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