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 Colcha Clothing was founded by Harry Lal and Scott Jarrett, former LSE students and housemates. Both are from London, and share a passion for international development and the impact the private sector can have on local enterprise within developing countries. The company was launched in Brixton, UK in April 2016 to showcase the incredible array of fabrics and skills from around the world, in the form of men's shorts.

"All of the fabrics we use are bright and bold, because we think the shorts should be the focus of any outfit. Our entire first range can be worn as easily with a blazer as a vest to take you from the beach to the cocktail bar with ease."

The idea of Colcha Clothing was born after a trip to Africa in the summer of 2015. Whereupon seeing the array of materials and talent prevalent, coupled with a clear requirement for effective and lasting social, economic and environmental reform, 'short change' seemed the best way forward! 

 We affect change via the Colcha Club, our international development arm, established to create sustainable ecosystems in the regions in which we operate.

 "The model is simple. Wherever we find the fabric, we locate manufacturing. If there are not enough workers, we train more. If there are other social, economic and environmental issues negatively impacting the region, we work with experts on the ground to combat them. Empowering impoverished communities to prosper through facilitating the creation of sustainable ecosystems by local people." 

We believe in a mixed approach to development, working in many areas simultaneously to bring about lasting change. In order to do this we work both directly, and with partners in areas including access to healthcare, education and creation of employment opportunities. The partners we are working with currently are Nkosi's Haven and RudASA and information on them can be found here.



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