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Project Literacy T-Shirt



Project Literacy

This T-Shirt has been made with minimal impact on the environment, and is designed to raise awareness of Project Literacy and the 757m people who cannot read or write.

They were created in an environment without mass production. Adhering to a strict ethical trading policy. The cotton is planted and harvested organically by hand in India. A local wind farm powers the factory where the thread is knitted into fabric, then it is dyed in a water recycling system.

London, India.
Organic cotton, ink.

757 million people cannot read this sentence.

Imagine not being able to fill out a form at the hospital, vote in an election, take the right bus, or send a text message to tell a loved one you’re alright because you aren’t able to read - that’s the reality for millions of people all over the world.

Project Literacy is a global movement convened by Pearson to make significant and sustainable advances in the fight against illiteracy so that all people - regardless of geography, language, race, class, or gender – have the opportunity to fulfill their potential through the power of words.

Illiteracy is a global problem, stretching from the USA to Uganda, from Europe to Cambodia and everywhere in-between. It matters because these small tasks quickly become big problems. Illiterate people are more likely to be poor, they can’t get educated, can’t participate in political activities or help with economic development; and sadly their choices in life are far too limited.

Project Literacy brings together a diverse and global cross-section of people and organisations to help unlock the potential of individuals, families and communities everywhere with the power of words. Together, we will make significant and sustainable advances in literacy over the next five years so that by 2030, no child will be born at risk of poor literacy.

But we need your help, too, even if it’s just reading an article, sharing it with your friends and maybe making a pledge to get involved.

Project Literacy

It’s up to you; it’s up to all of us, to help make illiteracy a thing of the past.

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