VIDEO: Trying on Wires sunglasses

We’ve been having fun trying on Wires sunglasses - but each pair of Wires is more than its frame and lenses. It’s a unique story of old traditions, new opportunities, and the people who master them both. 


Wires sunglasses connect London to Harare with one copper wire, combining traditional and cutting edge technologies. Inspired by African wire craft, a practice that since the 16th century has turned strings of metal into all sorts of objects using just a skilled pair of hands. 


The skilled pair of hands working to create wires for Wires belong to Mako, a Zimbabwean wire craft artisan who has his own workshop in Harare. Ordinarily, wire craftsmen would have worked in Zimbabwe’s shrinking agricultural sector but with Wires, traditional skills can become secure jobs as part of a healthy business. 


“The concept was to create a fun object with a minimum environmental impact and maximum social impact and with no consideration of trend or market reality," said Yair Neuman, the designer behind Wires, from his London studio.


The copper is locally sourced and enamel-coated, making them smooth to touch and hypoallergenic to the skin in a colour that will last for years. In a meeting of ancient tradition and tech, the wires are fashioned into sunglasses with 3D printed black and white lens holders and high quality pc lenses - all made with zero waste, guarantees strength and in compliance with international standards.


"When wearing Wires, I hope people will feel part of a project that supports people in other parts of the world," said Neuman, "Everyone should have a chance to use their skills to make a living."

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