Drop Earrings Not Bombs

A small workshop in the Fatih district of Istanbul is becoming a means for financial independence and a source of social and emotional support for Syrian women and men who have fled the ongoing conflict in their country. 

There, brightly coloured thread is wound around a teardrop shaped frame to create beautiful earrings as part of the Drop Earrings Not Bombs project, supported by Calais Action, a direct-giving organisation working to help refugees rebuild their lives in Turkey, where the highest number of Syrian refugees reside

The life of a refugee is characterised by restrictions, including access to work: this project wanted to offer opportunities to earn a livelihood and engage in interesting and useful activity. One of the volunteers at the workshop, Mahmud, used to own a jewellery store in Aleppo and teaches individuals to make earrings. For Mahmud, these skills not only aid in making a living but also in “soothing souls”. 

At Buy Impossible, we are thrilled to be involved in this project as the first retailer to sell the socially inspired earrings. 100% of the proceeds from the Drop Earrings Not Bombs project goes back into Small Projects Istanbul, where the refugees are provided with access to supplemental education and programs that assist students and families from Syria succeed in Turkey and beyond, paving the way for better futures.

Shop for the earrings now on Buy Impossible.


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